Announcing the Amazing Tweeted Sequel to Executive Severance!

Happy New Year Twitizens! The event you’ve been waiting for, the live Twitter launch of the amazing sequel to fast, funny Twitter mystery Executive Severance, has arrived!

By now you’ve probably memorized the complete, original novel published by NeoPoiesis Press, with fantastic illustrations by David Arshawsky. If not, you can get your copy here:

You know that Executive Severance received wide acclaim and won the coveted 2012 Mary Shelley Award for Outstanding Fictional Work!

Starting at 9:00 AM Monday morning, I will begin live-tweeting an Executive Severance follow-up novel to address some questions left unanswered in Book One. (And no, one of them it isn’t “Why did you do this? Why? Why?”) Questions like:

  1. Why was murder victim Willum Granger replacing parts of his body with enhanced clone parts?
  2. Where are Rachel Lehcar’s bees?
  3. What really happened in the City Morgue freezer?
  4. What is French anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss’s Canonical Formula?
  5. Do I have to buy a copy of the first book to appreciate the second ?*

To get ready for this new launch, go to Twitter and follow my new account “@Twitstery” where my new Twitter novel will appear at 9:00 AM, Noon and 9:00 PM each day until complete!

Thank you for your attention.

Robert K. Blechman,

Twitter Novelist @RKBs_Twitstery


  1. Mark 10:9.
  2. Getting buzzed.
  3. Frozen POPs.
  4. fx(a):fy(b)::fx(b):f(a-1)(x).
  5. Yes.

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