So Long and Thanks for All the Fish! — Live-Tweeted “Twitstery Twilogy” Concludes!

Here are Week 163 @Twitstery tweets of The Twitstery Twilogy, the amazing new sequel to Executive Severance!
It’s an amazing denouement, all because Willum Granger was never split in two! Regi also seems at peace. Is she thinking what I’m thinking?

I take her hand. “You’re still here.” Regi smiles and replies “Yes, I am.” “A penny for your thoughts.” “Don’t you mean ‘shilling’?” Uh oh.

Maybe things aren’t as they seem. I say “How come we’re still together? If everything’s changed we never should have met.” “Yet I remember.”

Regi continues “I first found you puff-faced, tethered to a Body Parts R Us hospital bed. We chilled together in the Police Morgue freezer.”

“We reconnected at my Caribbean med school, found what we thought was Dad’s cadaver and fled together after your monkey brought it to ruin.”

“It wasn’t my monkey.” “I recall our mad flight home, cadaver in tow, our fight with Farley, Dad’s evil twin, and his disastrous Safe Room.”

“I remember making love in the same hospital bed after Farley shot at you but hit me.” “It would have been more difficult in separate beds.”

“Then this Rixey guy crashed our party and we learned of Farley’s liquidation.” “It wasn’t my fault.” “And yet Rixey arrested you for it.”

“Regi, you and I reversed many not-for-the-better life-changing events during our paradigm time shift. Except for us. What does that mean?”

Regi pulls me closer and whispers “What do you think it means?” “I think it means I don’t want any more paradigm shifts.” “Me neither.”

I know from now on everything will be all right. We’re together because Regi is the most substantial thing I uncovered in this entire case.

I’m about to make it more substantial when Rixey says “AHEM!” He is still standing with Dot by the entrance to Willum Granger’s office.

I say “What is it Rixey?” “Boss, we still have that homicide report to investigate.” “What homicide?” “The one Dot’s Phone AI called in.”

Dot says “I’m afraid Mr. Granger was in his office when the AI set off its particle accelerator.” Regi cries “That’s Farley’s Safe Room!”

“Has he been vaporized?” “He doesn’t answer any calls. ” Dot unlocks the door to Granger’s office. Just inside we view a gruesome scene.

Willum Mortimus Granger is beside himself. In fact, when we find his body, the top half is right next to the bottom.

This brings to a close “I Tweet, Therefore I Am”, the final volume of the Twitstery Twilogy. Watch for the Kindle eBook later this year!

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